Asian Massage Home Service Spa: Opening Its Doors for Noble Partnership By APPLE LOPEZ

THINKING of a good business to venture in? Feeling tired of browsing over franchise magazines and attending business seminars just to make sure you’ll not be flushing down your hard-earned money to the toilet because of some lousy business ideas? Then why not try partnering with Asian Massage Home Service Spa and watch your moolah grow bigger and bigger each day?

Barely a year in the business, Asian Massage has already established itself as a premier and well-trusted brand in home massage service and spa business in terms of quality of service and reliability. Through the management’s and its masseurs joint efforts, Asian Massage has gained quite a number of recognitions from different consumer award-giving bodies such as the Star Brands Awards, the National Shopper’s Awards, and the International Management Excellence Award, which only shows that Asian Massage has indeed proven its worth and created its niche in the home massage service industry.

This and its illustrious service distinction are what Asian Massage are proud of—and perhaps, it’s also a great factor to consider why having a franchise of Asian Massage is indeed a brilliant option if your thinking of starting your own business. The massage company, operated by the gorgeous Emelia Ruaboro, assures its business partners the kind of business opportunities like no other. Asian Massage aims to veer away from the usual food business franchise that most companies are offering today.

“We want something for a change in the usual franchise business,” says Emelia Ruaboro. “We want that our franchisees would also experience the kind of fuss-free and easy money-earning industry that Asian Massage is experiencing. Instead of competing against all the other spa services in the metro today, we decided to give ours a more personal and private feel.

Asian Massage perfectly understands that because of the growing demands in the corporate world today, people tend to just stay n the house and relax when they have no work in the office. “Instead of irritating themselves in the hubhub of the metro traffic just to have a massage, they could just stay in the comforts of their own houses and wait for our masseurs to get there and give the their much needed pampering,” adds Melissa.

Already stirred about it? Why not try calling Asian Massage’s office to get to know more of their franchising pros. Rest assured that your I’ve-saved-it-since-I-was-19-money will not be put down to waste.

Aside from their home massage service, Asian Massage is also a proud distributor of a well-known skin whitening in the country—the Kyusoku Bihaku Whitening Pill. This whitening pill, manufactured in Japan approved by the Bureau of Foods and Drugs, has the perfect mixture of 500 grams glutathione and 500 grams Vitamin C to give the skin the freshness and sin whitening effect that it needs.

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