It is going to be an exciting time, in months to come with another new branches opening


We will be announcing the operations date soon but for the meantime, you may visit some of the branches near you. Check and visit to locate a branch near you.  

We are also open for franchise.
Get your ASIAN MASSAGE and SPA FRANCHISE now!  Why Do you need to choose Asian Massage?

Simply because our mission is to have our own distribution network not only we cater services but as well as korean brand.

12 Years of Existing - 24/7 Full Customer Service Support - Our D ...

Asian Massage: A Promising Spa Franchise for Entrepreneurs

For aspiring and starting business owners, franchising is one of the best ways to get started—to take the great leap into entrepreneurship. The good thing about franchising is that you already have a stable starting ground. Even if you are not exactly knowledgeable about owning and managing a business, you get enough support from experts that can back and hold you up.

If you aim to be successful and at the same time help other people, then you share the same vision as Asian Massage, one of the most established names in th ...


Asian Massage is one of those companies that were created due to one’s passion to help people and uplift the conditions of the less privileged in the communities. The sincere belief that by providing sustainable employment through trainings and education on certain craft, some people’s lives will improve and subsequently their families benefit from such opportunities.

But Asian Massage also, like any other undertakings, began with a little story.

It was sometime in 2002, when I came across with an elderly woman who owns a parcel of land in the province. Her family used to be economically well-off but for some reasons ...