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Calling the attention of all Tourist guides, Travel Agencies, Hotel owners, Inns, Residential Towers, Resorts, Suites, KTV Clubs Bars, Hospitals, Clinics and similar businesses!

​Asian Massage offers you a business opportunity like no other. Why not include massage services as an add-on to your flourishing business? Imagine the limitless possibilities you can do if you can readily provide your clients with massage services without having to worry about anything but your coziest rooms? For Example your mark up is P500.00/client

If you can give us 10clients a day X 30days = P150,000.00 net profit!

Not only that! We will also promote your hotels, inns, resorts in our website and flyers!

No hassles with employee logistics (training, compensation, benefits)
Additional Revenue for your company
15 hours of message to your clients and we will give you 1 more free!!
We are discreet with the tie up of our partnerships to your clients.
We are committed to our partners success
The remittance can be every week

The charge will be P250 per hour of massage. It is up to your administration how much is your additional charge.
Flyers, ID, Nameplate & receipts will be surrendered at the front desk
Receipts will be give to the receptionist/administrator in charge

Swedish Massage
Shiatsu Massage
Combo Shiatsu-Swedish Massage
Reflexology & Thai Massage
Others (please visit our services page)

24 hours / 7 days a week

Early reservation will be required to avoid any delay
Cancellation of the appointment will be charge unless you inform us at immediately.

4 Different kinds of Aromatherapy oil
Alcohol 70% Isopropyl

Clients who have medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart problems, pregnant or have any other medical complications is advise to consult their doctor before any massage

Interested? Please fill up the form above to set your appointment with our company business group.

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