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Asian Massage Home Service and Spa Incorporated is a registered company under the SEC and fully licensed by the Philippine Department of Health and a member of Philippine Association of Spa. Asian Massage provides you your most deserved time to relax, unwind and drift to another because you truly deserve to be pampered.

You work hard and hopefully play hard, now it’s time to relax with a soothing massage. Whether you are at home, a tourist who is staying in a hotel or just passing by, we can indulge your desires to be pampered an an hour or two.

Today, it fulfills its promise of complete wellness with relaxation, skin care and beauty center all stationed in one home, The Asian Massage can be found in diverse locations around the Philippines. Every Asian Massage Spa experience is completely unique, because we honor the diversity of the culture we are immersed in as well as the Asian Massage traditions. It is our promise that while no two Asian Massage Spas are identical, you will recognize us from our commitment to your ultimate satisfaction, our belief in the healing arts and the spirit of generosity from which we perform our services through in-house spa and home service massage.


Ocular Inspections
Site Design and Construction Assistance
Marketing & Promotional Support
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HIGHER Standardized & Systematize System
97% Customer Rentention Rate
Strong Leadership

Our Mission

At The Asian Massage Company, we adhere to the following Mission Statement, which conveys our sense of dedication and commitment to our profession and our customers:

  • Personal Attention – We’ll give our clients the personal attention and warmth they deserve. We’ll greet them by their first name, and we’ll go out of our way to make them feel important, recognizing at all times that it is the client who keeps us in business.
  • Spread the Word – We’ll spread our contagious brand of good will to as many people and communities as our collective efforts can reach, one client at a time.
  • Friendliness – We’ll be friendly and professional at all times, even if others are not.
  • Educate Others – We’ll educate others about the wonderful aspects of touch.
  • Clean – We’ll provide a meticulously clean, comfortable and caring environment.
  • Lowest Prices – We’ll provide our community with the best price and value in quality day spa services.
  • 100% Effort – And we’ll give our best effort each and every day. We offer all of the above plus courteous, prompt and efficient service. At The Massage Company, we’re committed to be absolutely the best value in town!
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