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ASIAN MASSAGE still open for franchise

If you are financially-capacitated and is looking for a fast-growing and safest venture, franchising is the right floor to land for. Though admittedly it quite entails hard work, rest assured that you can sleep in it once establishment was made since it already is using a proven business idea.

Identifying and selecting the best business franchise opportunities doesn’t have to be painstaking if two things are considered on the top of the list: choose what is essential & what will last. Standard operational procedures, strength of the business and its integrity are some of the major factors to be considered also, for with a wide range of choices and franchisors’ claims, you might fall in love with a wrong investment and later left with no choice but push your own water uphill.

Aside from food, clothes and other basic necessities, forms of recreations such as massage and spas undeniably begetting reputations. The world is inarguably accustomed by money nowadays that all people tend to find an escape from a much stressed day.

Have you heard of 24-hour massage and home services? Pregnancy and Baby Massage? Indian Ear Candling? Canker Sores or ‘singaw’ Treatment? Vitamin C Peeling Massage? Facial Massage? These exceptional services were invented by Asian Massage Home Services and Spa Incorporated and the good news is they are open for franchise. It has been in the home service industry for nearly a decade and has the most branches nationwide in the industry.

Ordinary to receive a minimum of 10 home spa requests a day because of its promos and lowest prices (300/1-hr home service massage), Asian Massage not just vows to deliver a round-the-clock services both at home and in branches, it also adheres to its mission of bestowing each clients a very illustrious experience that will surely answer their body’s relaxing needs. Offers almost 30 kinds of massages and special skin care and treatments, no client would dare to stop from seeking Asian Massage services. This fact thus strengthens the integral brand one franchisee will certainly put into consideration first.

A registered company under the SEC and fully licensed by the Philippine Department of Health and a member of Philippine Association of Spa, Asian Massage is continuously gaining numbers of appraisals and recognitions from prestigious consumer bodies such as National Shoppers Choice, Star Brand Excellence Awards, Philippine Quality Award and Philippine Brilliance Awards. Usually tagged as the best in the Home Massage Services, the integrity of the name is the one common thing any anticipated franchisers will be proud of.

In the corporate world, choosing a business franchise such as Asian Massage is like choosing a perfect milk brand for a baby – it is convenient and safe. While in the process of business expansion, just like what mommies are doing to grow their babies, -Asian Massage Home Services and Spa Incorporated will help the franchiser by giving them packs such as trainings and seminars.

Add up that vast wellness products like the no.1 Skin Whitener KB Brand, SnL , Egyptian Magic Cream and Indian Candle are also offered here.

Not just guarantees a long-lasting and relevant space to the franchising world, Asian Massage also proffers each possible franchisees a peace of mind as it is now on its best –having almost 20 branches and counting.

If ever interested, parties are encouraged to send a message in any ways they may like. Address is GF Goldrich Mansion Bldg. 4658 Cuangco St. cor Superhighway Brgy. Pio del Pilar Makati City and with mobile number 09178005836. A partnership inquiry form is also located in its official website Click here..

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