Asian Massage is one of those companies that were created due to one’s passion to help people and uplift the conditions of the less privileged in the communities. The sincere belief that by providing sustainable employment through trainings and education on certain craft, some people’s lives will improve and subsequently their families benefit from such opportunities.

But Asian Massage also, like any other undertakings, began with a little story.

It was sometime in 2002, when I came across with an elderly woman who owns a parcel of land in the province. Her family used to be economically well-off but for some reasons, the family’s economic condition declined and they were forced to sell some of their properties. When the parcel of land was offered to me at that time for purchase, I was not interested to buy it simply because I really have no use for the property. But when I was told about the dire situation that the elderly woman’s family experienced, I immediately bought the land without much hesitation because I wanted to give her family an opportunity to recover economically. I then thought that maybe the purchase of the land was an eye-opener for me so I can also help others who were in similar conditions.

And true enough, when I visited the land which was then situated at the northern part of Luzon, I saw communities where most of the residents merely rely on farming and other work of labor. Most of the time what they were doing were not enough to sustain their families’ needs. Sadly I saw firsthand how family members work so hard yet their earnings were not enough to feed them adequately. I was very young at that time, in my early 20’s, and I made a promise to myself that I will help the residents find employment that was enough to feed their families and cover costs of other important expenses as well. My commitment to help them even got stronger when I stayed at a place where there was no electricity to provide light and no toilet and other amenities. The experience brought back memories when I was in college way back 1999, that if God will make me successful in the business of direct selling, I will continue to strive to help the less fortunate get jobs and earn money for themselves.

It was July 2005, when my business became very successful and I thought then of venturing into a massage business. During this time, the perception on the massage business was not exactly good since when you talked about “home service massage,” it usually will connote “extra service.” The perception however did not dampen my desire to establish an honest, professional and quality massage business. During this time also, the concept of a family-oriented spa and salon were not yet prevalent and thus my massage business became the precursor of the now ubiquitous salons and spas all around the metropolis.

One reason I chose then to venture into the massage business was because of my fascination with inventing and mixing my own versions of massage oils, creating scrubs, and the fact that I really liked massage as form of relaxation. I also liked making unique things and also introduced new products in the market. In my own mindset, I adhered to the notion that it was high time to change the perception of massage.

If I recall very well, there were actually two massage companies at that time that professionally offer plain massage home service without venturing into the so-called “extra service.” These two companies were doing financially well but there were certain elements in their businesses that were missing. They did not take seriously their massage therapists nor did they upgrade the public perception on massage businesses. Believing that therapists were the showcase of a massage company, I endeavored to make my massage therapists wear white uniforms (just like when I was a nursing student) and have their respective name-plates and the Asian Massage logo/emblem prominently displayed in their uniforms. The practice somehow inspired the massage therapists and helped them act professionally and appropriately in their work.

Not content with the forms, I also made sure that the services being offered by Asian Massage at that time were exceptional. I combined all the good massage techniques which now produced the famous Asian Massage quality service bringing about a relaxing and calming effects to the body.

The Asian Massage humbly started with a small office at Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower where I used to live before, and with only four (4) massage therapists on-board and one administrator/operator, the massage business began accepting clients. I complemented the marketing of Asian Massage by putting the massage logo to our vehicles. From here forward, the Asian Massage moved on.

At present, when some people and even clients asked who owns Asian Massage, the therapists would answer that a corporation owns the massage company. The answer is actually accurate because the way you look at it, it is indeed owned by a corporation. Corporation that includes the massage therapists, employees, and staff that is responsible in running and managing Asian Massage. Though I am the owner and precursor of the company, I think everyone of us here are the owners of Asian massage even my employees. Because without these employees, there will be no Asian massage company. Every branch is owned by our staffs who have been working for so long in our company, and I consider them as friends and families.

Because of Asian Massage, other massage companies and clinics are being created left and right even imitating the techniques and uniform policies of our company. As far as I am concerned, it is okay since the creation of these new massage companies and clinics provide more employment and thus providing more benefits and opportunities to the public.

Unfortunately there are also other partners and friends who, after benefitting from Asian Massage, eventually took us for granted and even left us. Though we wish them all the luck in their chosen paths, there is an adage that “one will reap what one sows.” Only time will show us what will happen to our former partners and friends.

Despite the limited and sometimes lack of marketing for the past two (2) years for Asian Massage, the company is still strong and moving forward because of the customers and clients who patronize and remain loyal to the company.

As the famous saying goes: “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” Asian Massage will continue to strive for perfection in our services through hard work, learn from our flaws and shortcomings, keep the loyalty of both our clients and our employees, and continue to persist in moving the massage business forward.

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