The Truth Behind Asian Massage and Spas

You have probably noticed a number of massage companies scattered all over the country located in the streets or in a mini room of a 3-storey buildings offering massage for 99 pesos or so.

But do you know that a lot of them are not even registered? They are like intermittent mushrooms freely and illegally operating.

This article is not to spoil and spread rumors against our competitors; this article wants to be submissive –submissive of the current danger massage industry might face in time. The company feels the urge to disclose the truth behind massage industry first for our co-legal companies and second to protect clients for possible menace.

First if you want to check the legality of any massage establishments, check their company address. A legal spa must have its own management. If none, then take time to observe where exactly are you during the service render –you may probably notice that you are in a house or in a residential address. The next thing on the list is to check if they have the proper and complete business permits.

That scenario bothers Asian Massage Home Services and Spa Inc a lot –the one that started home service massage nine years ago.

The point of telling that there is an alarming proliferation of illegal massage lies on the biasness. First, Asian Massage and other legal massage companies have been following the rules set by the government. The operators have been righteously paying the charges set by the government in businesses running here in the Philippines. Regardless of the income declared, Asian Massage continues to follow the system for legality purposes. It is just so disheartening to see people losing their jobs just because the legal company does not boom in the market due to the competition arising from illegal and mushroom massage establishments. It is just so unfair.

 This article intends to give a wake-up call to clients. Chooseandf patronize the legal ones. Why? Because your body is your wealth. And definitely you don’t want to sacrifice it. Remember that one wrong massage stroke can kill you.

Massage is not a humpy dumpy task; it involves your body and health. Each massage stroke has a proper way and that is why government requires each massage company to have only licensed therapists.

The next thing to ask is of course, the legality of the products used.

We won’t be dropping names, but we know few ingredients in certain products being used in the market that are dangerous to health.  In Asian Massage, all products came from their sister company –Yumeimise Manufacturing and Merchandise Inc –which carries the burden of proving the quality and safety of each ingredients in FDA. As of the writing, all products of Yumeimise being used by Asian Massage are FDA and HALAL-approved.

That differs the company from the illegal ones. Asian Massage has a wide pool of services being offered nationwide.

For 300 to 400 pesos, which is admittedly higher of 50 pesos than the standard price set by the illegal or ‘mushroom’ ones, one may get the full benefit of massage through the hands of licensed therapists supported by the high-end products such as Egyptian Magic Cream –the century-old skin-purpose cream and a lot more.

 Asian Massage is also expert in body scrubs. Dead Sea Salt, KB Premium Whitening Quality Products, Meijie Spa Products, Miyoo Nail Polish, etc are being used by Asian Massage. The company also pioneers in corporate spa parties and tie-up events.

Currently, Asian Massage is looking for business partners such hotels, companies, restaurants and call center owners who find the company interesting and might want to register their companies to as Asian Massage’s Partner Companies wherein each of their employees is entitled to receive privileges and discounts on services.

   To try our service just call our hotline no. 5366894 * 6613606 * 6319703 * 09178075836 * 09178172748 or 09178827426.

  Asian Massage is open for franchise. You can visit our website

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